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Cmfive – Open Source PHP Framework – perfect for ERP

– Robust and extensible business applications

– ERP infrastructure framework that works on mobiles and tablets – fully responsive

Cmfive enables business to fulfil its tight operational deadlines and save cost.

Features For Developers

Responsive user interface works on all devices

The Cmfive user interface is inherently responsive and based on the universally acclaimed Zurb Foundation classes (http://foundation.zurb.com/) – user screens automatically adjust to either phone, tablet or desktop.

Rapid Application Development

  • MVC framework with models, controllers (actions), templates, layouts, partials
  • Modular architecture with per module configuration, sub modules
  • Loose coupling
    • automatic url routing
    • pre-listeners, post-listeners
    • hooks
  • Object-Relational database abstraction with out of the box CRUD operations
  • Aspect-Oriented design for
    • search indexing
    • logging
    • versioning
  • RBAC (Role based access control) on a per module level
  • HTML utility library for rapid creation of forms, pagination, etc.

Built in Help System

  • Help files per module
  • context sensitive automatic display of help document
  • help content can have sections which only display for certain user groups

Built in Full-Text Search

  • Every object can be indexed with one line of code
  • universal search index and retrieval mechanism
  • works on shared hosts, no external service required

Built in REST API

  • every object can be exposed via RESTful API
  • can be fine tuned via configuration file

Web Security

  • CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) detection
  • Automatic value sanitising against SQL injection
  • Salted passwords
  • models can store data using AES encryption in the database

Features For Business Analysts / Power Users / Application Administrators

Users and Groups

  • Users and Contacts
  • Groups of users
  • Role based access control
    • automatic per action
    • $user->hasRole() for fine grained control
    • Groups have roles, group members inherit those roles
    • roles are functions

Notifications and Inbox

  • send internal notifications to users
  • Inbox with archiving
  • send internal messages between users


  • create reports in SQL
  • make report available to group of users (or groups)
  • view report as html table, csv, pdf, or xml
  • create feed url for report

Mail Templates

  • Templates for emails, invoices, forms, etc.
  • uses TWIG and accepts json data


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The Philosophy driving CMFive

As presented at ‘The Future of Code’ event held May 2015.

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Get the Code NOW – from Github :


Cmfive is the perfect platform for building tailored ERP systems.

It is written in PHP 5.3 and currently relies on the open source relational database MySQL for storing data. Since going live on github,  2pi Software has invested considerable resources in the further development of the framework and its deployment in commercial solutions. Cmfive is widely promoted to the developer community and forms a key architectural component of ERP commercial solutions delivered by 2pi Software.


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