Cmfive site refresh

2019-09-18 00:00:00 +0000

The Cmfive site has been long overdue for a site refresh. We’ve decided on using Github pages (powered by Jekyll) for a number of reasons

  • All documentation can be truely open source - just like Cmfive
  • The site is only comprised of static components (HTML, CSS, JS) with no dynamic parts
    • The advantage of this is that there are minial security risks compared with the more traditional Wordpress site that we’re used to using
  • Hosting costs are $0 since it’s backed by Github
  • Versions of documents are maintained and can be mapped to different versions of Cmfive through the use of branches
  • Editing documentation is much easier to do via the use of pull requests

Our next step from here is to update all of the Cmfive documentation and migrate it to this new set up. This may take some time so we appreciate your patience.