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Cmfive Test Framework

Configure WebDriver

This guide assumes Codeception is installed with Selenium provisioned, see: Installation.

Cmfive tests use the Codeception WebDriver module and Selenium to apply test actions. WebDriver support is provided by browser vendors in additional executables. Make sure Selenium can find the WebDriver for your intended browser: ChromeDriver, for Chrome, or GeckoDriver for Firefox.

When you launch Selenium you should see a log like:

cmfive-boilerplate\test\Services\Windows>java -jar .\selenium-server-standalone-3.14.0.jar
11:49:32.317 INFO [GridLauncherV3.launch] - Selenium build info: version: '3.14.0', revision: 'aacccce0'
11:49:32.330 INFO [GridLauncherV3$1.launch] - Launching a standalone Selenium Server on port 4444
2020-03-03 11:49:32.835:INFO::main: Logging initialized @1406ms to org.seleniumhq.jetty9.util.log.StdErrLog
11:49:33.891 INFO [SeleniumServer.boot] - Selenium Server is up and running on port 4444

Make note of the port Selenium is listening on. Port 4444 is most usual.

Now, create or edit the file:


Set ‘port’ to the port Selenium listens on, ‘browser’ to your WebDriver type and ‘url’ to your Cmfive hosting. For example:

		- WebDriver:
			url: http://cmfive.local
			browser: chrome
			wait: 60
			port: 4444

If the file is not present, duplicate a fresh one for use from the versioned example: