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Cmfive Test Framework

Install Codeception

This guide assumes Cmfive is installed, by cloning or downloading the Boilerplate repository into a directory of your choosing. (See: Installation) Additional PHP libraries for Codeception are independent of Cmfive, using Composer locally. But note: the DOM XML extension for PHP needs to be enabled for Codeception to function. Please check your PHP language settings for this.

To set up Codeception, first download and unpack a current version of composer.phar into your folder:


Then, from within that folder, execute:

php ./composer.phar require codeception/codeception --dev

You should now see Codeception and all libraries have been installed to:


Finally, in bash, execute:

vendor/bin/codecept bootstrap

Or, for Windows:

vendor\bin\codecept.bat bootstrap

This will set up all the placeholder file structures Cmfive uses to assemble test suites from modules.