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Cmfive v3 requires PHP7.2.x and MySQL 5.5+

Cmfive works best with Linux and works out of the box with the Apache web server. Cmfive can also work with Windows and other web servers (like IIS and Nginx) but may require additional configuration. This may include setting up a virtual machine and installing your coding software on that. Cmfive requires the following PHP extensions:

  • CLI
  • CURL
  • GD
  • JSON
  • MBString
  • MySQL
  • Readline
  • XML
  • ZIP
  • GIT
  • Docker Desktop
  • mkcert

The version of Docker Desktop you want to install is the 64-bit PC desktop image. You can find this version of Docker Desktop here. You will also need the following extensions in you coding software:

  • Docker extension by Microsoft (extension ID: ms-azuretools.vscode-docker)
  • Docker Compose
  • Git
  • GitLens

The deployment section has additional instructions to help you with installation of some of these requirements.